UK Government Consultation on Banning Sales of Ivory

The UK Government’s Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs is beginning a consultation on banning sales of ivory. MIRN wishes to state its unconditional support for all reasonable measures that protect endangered species. Nevertheless, such a ban, if applied heavy-handedly, could have unintended consequences impacting on the trade, repair and restoration of historic musical instruments in this country. The Government has indicated that there could be certain exemptions introduced for musical instruments. You can read more about the Government’s proposals here  (scroll to the PDF documents right at the bottom of the page) and can also contribute your views through their survey or by writing to them at Please make your views known. At MIRN’s AGM (12th October) it was agreed that, following consultation with members, the Chair should submit a response to the consultation. Any member who wishes to contribute to MIRN’s response should write to the Chair via MIRN’s enquiries email by 1st December 2017.