Wanted: Information on Parisian Harmonium Maker V. Mauprety

MIRN member, Paulo Santiago, writes to ask whether anyone can supply any further information about the maker and model of his harmonium inscribed: V. Mauprety – pianos and orgues – Paris.  So far, we know that Vincent-Joseph Mauprety traded from several different addresses in Paris between c.1870 and 1888, and a contemporary listing from the Annuaire-almanach du commerce, de l’industrie… of 1871 can be viewed at . The other information that has been gained about him comes from this online site . Mauprety is not mentioned in Gellerman’s International Reed Organ Atlas (2nd edition)(Lanham, MD, USA, 1998) nor in Arthur WJG Ord-Hume’s book Harmonium: the History of the Reed Organ and its Makers (London, 1986).

Medallion showing inscription on Harmonium by Mauprety, Paris.
Overall view of harmonium by V Mauprety, Paris