The Early Pedal Harp (web site, blog, and forum)

Harp F Culine (cropped), an online multi-disciplinary research community of harpists, harp makers, conservators and restorers, historians, museum curators, musicologists, and organologists, was launched at the start of February 2019.  Conceived at the international workshop, ‘The Early Pedal Harp as a Museum Artefact’, hosted by the Deutsches Museum, Munich, on 29-30 November 2018, the web site aims to represent the current state of research into single- and double-action pedal harps (c1700-1840) and their immediate predecessors.  Contributions from Robert Adelson, Mike Baldwin, and Lewis Jones have appeared in the first couple of days. There is scope for audio recordings of music or even videos of performances and demonstrations to be posted.

All who are interested are invited to subscribe and contribute. It’s free to join: