Square pianoforte by J. Broadwood, London, 1789

The EARLY PIANO – FORTEPIANO INFORMATION SITE, formerly maintained by David Hunt, is now under new management and may be found at: http://
This is an information service for restorers, players, owners, amateurs, and researchers interested in pianos built before 1837, and similar historical instruments.
The main purpose of the website it to maintain and publish the Register of Extant Broadwood Grands, and information about research into other early piano makers. The site, which was last updated in January 2017, will be updated during 2019; more information about the future of the site will follow in due course. Many thanks are extended to David Hunt, who started the site and maintained it for several years.
Offers of, or requests for, information about Broadwood Grand pianos built before 1837 can be forwarded by email to: Please replace (at) by the @ symbol.