Online Event

Care for your Electronic Instruments

15:00-17:10 (GMT), 11 March 2022

This two-hour online event opens with two presentations:

Provocation: What are we conserving? A proposal for functional conservation of electronic instruments in museum collections. Annie Jamieson, National Science and Media Museum, Bradford (link to talk)

The Electronic Sackbut project: Why we chose to reconstruct, rather than restore, the world’s first synthesizer. Tom Everrett, Canada Science and Technology Museum (link to talk)

Our speakers are joined afterwards by Arian Sheets of the US National Music Museum in a discussion chaired by James Mooney, University of Leeds. (link to panel discussion)

A recording of the entire session is available below:

0:00 Daniel Wheeldon, Welcome
2:10 James Mooney, Introduction
6:24 Lewis Jones, Speaker Introduction
8:03 Annie Jamieson, Provocation
34:18 Q&A
41:03 Lewis Jones, Speaker Introduction
42:45 Tom Everrett, Presentation
1:05:39 Q&A
1:14:38 Panel Discussion
2:03:15 Panellist Closing Remarks
2:06:25 Daniel Wheeldon Closing Remarks